Stone & Paper_framed prints set

3,600 NIS

This is a chic set of 3 framed prints, black and white monochrome shades, Original textile artworks made of Cotton, paper and fabrics. Harmonious and luxury combination of soft colours and materials.

This is a unique and Original set of digital prints for your home or office.

The price is for 3 framed prints. medium or big size.  White / black wood frame. 

Each print is 50X70cm or 70X100cm including the frame. 

The production

High-quality images and most vibrant colors

Each print is made up to 10 copies, signed by Tamar as an authentic printed art.

Every order is custom made just for you

 Made of

Fine quality Strong fabric, handmade finish

Crafted Wood frame


Framed artworks are available for you to order only in Israel.

Please allow us to process your order, 3-4 weeks.

For your information

Due to the handmade nature of our products, each product may vary slightly in size, and exact appearance. This uniqueness contributes to the charm of the handmade craftsmanship.

All prints are created from Tamar’s original collage art.

Feel free to contact us or leave your information at the form below


Phone +972 544530510 

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