Green moon_ textile artwork

2,800 NIS 3,200 NIS

A layered artwork full of textures. First layer is a Monochrom tree top's branches printed on fabric and Gray cotton fabric stitched on top, looks wild like nature's textures. A Green abstract dye makes this artwork full of emotions. the colors are inspired by the a forest at night time. The unique fabrics combined together makes this artwork poetic.

A wall decor with poetic textures, raw edges, Handmade dye.
This texture artwork will look great in any style of your interior: Modern, eclectic, minimalistic and Nordic.  One of a kind textile art


55X50cm white/ black/natural box wood frame.

Made of

Fine quality Sateen and Cotton fabrics

Crafted Wood frame

Regular Glass


Please allow us to process your order,

For custom orders artworks 30 days for shipping.

For commission artworks:

We create commission artworks, any size any frame you choose.

Due to the handmade nature of our artworks, each artwork may vary slightly in size, Color and textures from the exact appearance in this picture. This uniqueness contributes to the charm of the handmade craftsmanship.

All artworks are created from Tamar’s original inspirations.

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