Dark drama tree scarf

350 NIS

This square Chiffon shawl is a chic and unique feminine accessory for day and night, summer and winter. This dark branches scarf is a poetic wearable art, a creative gift for yourself and for your loved ones.

This flowing silky scarf will caresses your neck with a soft touch.

* SIZE: 95 cm x 95 cm | 38" x 38"

 * MATERIAL: 100% Couture Chiffon

* CARE: Hand wash and lay to dry


*Digital print, Handmade fine finish.

*Each scarf is signed by me as an authentic wearable art.


This scarf is ready for shipping.

1-3 business days to process your order.

For your information 

All scarves are created from Tamar’s original inspirations. All imaged were created by her collage art/ and photographs she took.

The inspiration:

“A dream about tree tops”:

Tamar was inspired by tree tops she walked under, day and night. A tree top is a sublime motif, unreachable and poetic. Tamar photographed this sublime and created wearable art out of it. When using a treetop photography and duplicating it to create patterns, each tree top looks like lace, romantic and mysterious. Tamar tells a story about time, life and the emotions within.


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