Vivid fuchsia and green scarf, Art Nouveau style scarf

350 NIS

This fuchsia square scarf is an elegant women accessory, an original art to wear scarf for women in all ages. This  Art Nouveau style scarf is chic and unique, suitable for day and night garments. Poetic real flowers motifs, an unforgettable gift for all year round.

* MATERIAL: 100% Couture Chiffon

* SIZE: 95 cm x95 cm | 38" x38"

* CARE: Hand wash and lay to dry


*Digital print, Handmade fine finish.

* Each scarf is signed by me as an authentic wearable art.


This scarf is ready for shipping.

1-3 business days to process your order. 

For your information 

All scarves are created from Tamar’s original inspirations. All images were created by her collage art or photographs she took.

The inspiration:

“The Kiss”:

A man leans over and kisses a woman, holding her face in his hands. This simple and beautiful scene, devoid of time and space but full of feelings, was at the base of my inspiration for this collection "THE KISS", named after the famous painting by Gustav Klimt. This collection is full of vivid colors, leaves and feathers, decorative collages, original and feminine Art Nouveau style.

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