Between two worlds_Frozen Moment 10

4,500 NIS 5,500 NIS

Documenting wild Israeli nature, The work offers an original and poetic observation of Emek Hefer. Mix media art, printing, drawing and free embroidery. 

 A magical and unique artwork artwork.

An unforgettable textures, rich shades of nature with unique textures. 

This textile art will brighten up any style of your interior: Modern, Eclectic, minimalistic and Nordic. 

One of a kind textile art.

Size:  62X80 cm  

*Crafted bright box wood frame, with glass.

*Due to the handmade nature of our artworks, each artwork may vary slightly in size, Color and textures from the exact appearance in this picture. This uniqueness contributes to the charm of the handmade craftsmanship.

All artworks are created from Tamar’s original inspirations.

This artwork is from the exhibition "Frozen Moment" exhibited in Fresh Paint Fair, Tel Aviv, May 2023

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