Again we walk

4,000 NIS 4,800 NIS

A calm colors collage textile art, inspired by the decay of the urban architecture of Jaffa.

The work offers an original and poetic observation of the gap between a heavy and rough architectural structure and between a delicate and crisp material which is the textile. The building like the fabric absorbs memories. The text that appears both readable and abstract connects in a cultural context to the Middle East, contemporary craft with an Israeli scents. The connecting sewing action versus the disintegrating burning action create a dialogue about destruction and destruction, construction and renewal.

This layers artwork is made of Cotton, Silk, Chiffon, 80's vintage fabrics and original textiles.

 An unforgettable textures, rich shades of sky blue, pink, gold, gray and white. 

This textile art will brighten up any style of your interior: Modern, Eclectic, minimalistic and Nordic. 

One of a kind textile art.

Size:  100X100 cm  including the frame.

*Crafted wood frame white/black/ natural for your choice. 

 *Framed artworks can only be provided in Israel. 

*Due to the handmade nature of our artworks, each artwork may vary slightly in size, Color and textures from the exact appearance in this picture. This uniqueness contributes to the charm of the handmade craftsmanship.

All artworks are created from Tamar’s original inspirations.

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Phone +972 544530510 

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